Design your place with Cantera stones


‘Architectural stone elements’ is a company offers various cantera stones which are very effective in architectural designs. Proper stone makes a big difference of a place if it suits there and that also enhances the beauty of the place. Along with cantera stones, lime stones, marbles and some others stones are rapidly used for designing home or buildings as well as side walls, some special streets. Cantera stone has some speciality over the other stones as it is a volcanic stone, offers greater texture, durability and comparatively soft. As this stone is soft thus it is easy to make hand carved designs on these types of stones.

This company offers all the stones of hand carved design and designed by the experts in that field. They also offer a service to the customers through their experts i.e. architects and designers by clearing all the questions and doubts about any sorts of desig5ns involving cantera rocks. They offer lots of design of cantera stones to be used in different places like some on the floors, some as a fire place mantels, some as Tuscan columns and lots more applications. The product ranges are reasonable and affordable. Though this is a United State based company but rest of the world is not away from this stones as this company use to export the stones all around the world.

This cantera stones are useful for sculptural designs as well as it are used to make architectural columns in sculptural designs. They sell architectural columns as well to be fitted in architectural designs which are offered in reasonable price.  They offer architectural columns of various fashions like oldies, as well as contemporary to new trends. The designs they offer all are unique and of top class standard. They use to treat each stone by examining the fact that which types of carving and which of design will suit on it.

They offer Cantera Tuscan Column which is used in extreme architectural designs or to design the houses of rich people. These columns are also found in sculptural designs and the propensity of this sort of column can be seen from long time ago. This company offers two types of Tuscan columns which are as follows: Cantera Corinthian plain shat which is made up only with cantera stone and has a price of $ 750 each; whereas the other product is Cantera Tuscan column which has a price of $ 450 each and both of the items are of eight feet height and 12’’ diameter. They also offer garden fountains to ornament your house or place. The Price of garden fountains varies between $ 950 and $ 1250. All these cantera stone products are enough to make a difference of your choice and place compare to others.


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