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Make your Bathroom floor Non-slippery


Bathroom floors often remain wet or moist which makes them slippery. And the presence of soaps and detergents further worsens the situation. To resolve the issue, people started using special tiles for their bathrooms. And as of today, there is a huge demand for special bathroom floor tiles that are less smooth or that offer some sort of friction. If you are remodelling your bathroom and if you are not sure about your flooring plans, then you might try considering some of the popular natural stones that are widely used in our current construction industry.

Cantera tiles made from Cantera stones can be perfect for your bathroom as well as other rooms in your home. If you search online for Cantera tile designs you will be amazed at the varieties available out there. Cantera tile patterns are quite popular and the designs look great because they are naturally formed. Born out of volcanic dust, Cantera is a classic stone that can serve several purposes. You can also find special Cantera tile designs that have carvings on them. Such tiles are perfect for your bathroom flooring because they would offer a strong grip. Ask your interior designer or contractor to get you a sample of an original Cantera tile that suits yours bathroom’s interior.  If you like its texture, then you can demand a catalogue that features different varieties of cantera tile colors designs and styles.

The way you keep your bathrooms can definitely tell a lot about your nature. It is a known fact and for this reason people often strive hard to maintain the beauty and purity of their bathrooms and toilets. Cantera rocks have a special absorption quality which makes a Cantera tile more suitable for bathroom floors rather than ceramics.


Why should you must not use Cantera stone as flooring in kitchens?


Cantera is a special form of natural stone that are extensively used in interior as well as exterior construction and remodelling jobs. Cantera stone source makes it a unique selection for your home and its beauty has an eternal feel to it which comes from its gentle off-white and sand-like creamy hues that resemble the stone walls and statues from ancient palaces and gothic churches of the Roman area.

Cantera stone source is volcanic in its composition and base. It is made of a unique form of volcanic product that has gifted the stone with several features that are absent in rest of the natural stones like limestone and marble. Cantera is basically soft in its structure which makes it a perfect choice for building carved fountains, mantel pieces, statues, columns, garden benches etc. However, when you are remodelling your kitchen, you should be quite cautious about using tiles made of Cantera. It is true that Cantera is a nice choice for your interiors but when it comes to flooring, it would be better if you choose something more durable and less organic in nature. Kitchen is a place where people constantly move around. And there is lot of moisture and heat in the air which can do strange things to porous natural stones like Cantera. Canter is surely durable but it is softer and absorbs air from the environment.

 Before buying Cantera tiles or blocks it is important to ensure the authenticity of your Cantera stone source.  There are different types of volcanic rocks available in the market, but Cantera is different because it is formed by condensed ashes and volcanic lava. The nature of Cantera stone source also determines its texture and design.

Cantera stone architecture and limestone: What makes them the best?


The modern-day homes are shunning the conventional looks and are getting bolder in interior and exterior designs. So, now we get to see stone architecture which is more adventurous in their themes. One of the biggest crazes in the current times is introduction of limestone or Cantera stones. These tiles have a standout quality and they can effortlessly inject a unique ambience to your living space.

The public today is seeking an amalgamation of several things rolled into one. On that count, Cantera works brilliantly well. It fuses history with modernity, thereby lending your residence an unmatched elegance and an outstanding appeal. Flexibility is its other name since it can fuse with almost all kinds of floor designs and wall colors. Stone architecture by Architectural Stone Elements gives you the opportunity to custom-build your homes with the most authentic Cantera tiles at the right price.

Durability is another factor which cannot be undermined. Investing in tiles is always a huge investment and the wisest thing is to choose tiles which can promise you a few decades of headache-free times. Cantera and limestone have this assuring trait of longevity. If you are looking for stone architecture which has the combination of prehistoric elegance and longevity, then Cantera is the right choice for you. On the other hand, if you are on the lookout for a much more modernistic flooring, then limestone should be your ideal choice.

In either case, it becomes indispensable to get in touch with suppliers who boast of a versatile experience and mastery over the craft. Stone architecture by Architectural Stone Elements is done in a way that you can breathe in relief and get your homes remodeled without any hassle and at the lowest expenses.