Why should you must not use Cantera stone as flooring in kitchens?


Cantera is a special form of natural stone that are extensively used in interior as well as exterior construction and remodelling jobs. Cantera stone source makes it a unique selection for your home and its beauty has an eternal feel to it which comes from its gentle off-white and sand-like creamy hues that resemble the stone walls and statues from ancient palaces and gothic churches of the Roman area.

Cantera stone source is volcanic in its composition and base. It is made of a unique form of volcanic product that has gifted the stone with several features that are absent in rest of the natural stones like limestone and marble. Cantera is basically soft in its structure which makes it a perfect choice for building carved fountains, mantel pieces, statues, columns, garden benches etc. However, when you are remodelling your kitchen, you should be quite cautious about using tiles made of Cantera. It is true that Cantera is a nice choice for your interiors but when it comes to flooring, it would be better if you choose something more durable and less organic in nature. Kitchen is a place where people constantly move around. And there is lot of moisture and heat in the air which can do strange things to porous natural stones like Cantera. Canter is surely durable but it is softer and absorbs air from the environment.

 Before buying Cantera tiles or blocks it is important to ensure the authenticity of your Cantera stone source.  There are different types of volcanic rocks available in the market, but Cantera is different because it is formed by condensed ashes and volcanic lava. The nature of Cantera stone source also determines its texture and design.


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