Some Popular Decorating Tips for Fireplace Mantels


A fireplace is a warm place, both in the literal and figurative sense. It is an area where a family can sit and get warmth during the cold weather. Besides, it is also a region which is associated with a lot of nostalgia and has always been one of the favorite corners to sit and chatter or just to read a book.

So, most people like to decorate the fireplace mantels with architecturalstoneelements  and make it more personalized. One fine decorating tip is to add pictures around it. The wall around the mantel can be used to fill up with portraits and nature paintings so that the entire area develops a strong happy ambiance. This is a popular and easy way to inject some life to this corner and to make your guests walk over to this side to pursue the pictures and paintings with interest.

Another common decorating tip is to place sculptures and ceramics on the space over the mantel. They will give the area a highly artistic look and will also present you in an artistic light. Those who collect sculptures mostly deck up their fireplace mantels with their collections. Ceramics also go well especially for those who would prefer a more sophisticated ad modern-looking setting.

Some people are so fond of books that they create shelves around the mantels and develop the place into a makeshift library. It can be amazing to have your books gathered around the fireplace which is usually the most loved place to curl up and read. If you do decorate using books, also make sure to place a couple of couches or settees before the fireplace so that you can find a comfortable sitting place for leisurely reading.


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