Various Applications of Architecture Elements to Avoid Wastage


While designing of buildings various architectures are taken into consideration, and one of such architecture is sustainable architecture a designing practice for a better environmental growth. The main objective of this is to minimize the environmental impact of buildings with the help of energy and development space along with building materials.

dfxghIn order to follow such practice of maintaining a good environmental impact you need to keep in mind some basic architecture elements such as: –

Small space: building large houses utilizes maximum energy and more building materials. Therefore in order to minimize such wastefulness, by building small houses which are now preferred by others. This will help in reduction of resources.

Houses are provided with well built passive solar energy that makes the house very comfortable to live in. It also provides sufficient sunlight into the house.
While making green buildings usage of water is taken into consideration so as to preserve water and avoid excess usage of water.

By making use of the natural powers of the wind, water and sun it is possible to produce electricity. With the help of the natural powers you can conserve fossil fuel also.

While constructing homes, some of the natural materials are used like mud, plasters, bricks tiles bamboos, grasses, etc therefore using local materials will minimize the costs in constructing the house. Secondly growing plants in your living space will enhance natural ambiance.


Taking into consideration all the above factors it will not only help in saving the environment but it will also help in saving the cost factor in future. Keeping in mind these factors you will be able to make green homes and green buildings are sure to make green homes and buildings.

Many architects provide recommendations on green architecture elements while designing your home from Good architects help in protecting the walls and windows of the house. The position of the windows placed on the eastern side is most acceptable as the sun is not that very hot as compared to the sun on the western side. The sun casts deep shadow and early morning is very pleasant and bright.

Most of the modern houses those are constructed with the green architecture elements while designing; it will not only help you to keep your house in a good condition but will also cut the cost of constructing your house.


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