Design your home with Cantera Stone Column


It is a multi colored stone with different irregular patterns. It is easy to curve and design giving the architecture a defining look.

What is Cantera Stone?

It is an exclusively mined rock which is attained by volcanic eruption and is quarried solely in several areas of Central America and Mexico. The name comes from Spanish term quarry. The color, quality and Smoothness owe its allegiance to the distinctive ingredients present in it. Its unique color variety and the natural looks have provided it immense popularity from the historic period till now. Different government buildings, malls and houses opt for this addition.

There are some important add on which make a house look like a sprawling manor one such are the columns. There are numerous companies and brands offering columns made out of such stone. You can find different websites trading the same but Architectural Stone Elements-Cantera stone Columns are one of the significant websites proving such stone made columns


Column does not only keep the gable of the house intact but has a unique kind of architectural significance. Ranging back from the historic times, columns have been the inspirations of some great architecture still preserved by the mankind. There are different types of stone columns available in the market but the cantera stone columns have gained popularity in time.

Here are some varieties of Cantera stone columns to choose from:

• Doric Columns

One of the most significant column designs available. It comes in a grooved tube shape. Doric columns are meek looking original column designs adopted from the Greek architecture.

• Iconic column designs

Looks more like the Doric columns but its slim and ornamented scroll shaped look on the top of the pillar gives it a definite design. It also has a historic significance and is also an origination from Greek construction.

• Tuscan columns

The ordinary chute rests on a modest looking base which resembles more like the Doric columns. Basically an Italian design but has been adapted by many countries with time.

• Corinthian column designs

Also a design originated from the Grecian building style. The long pleated chute has some complicated but designs like as in flowers and leaves showing of the height of the shaft.


• Solomonic Columns

One of the most beautiful column designs passed on by the history. It is also known as spiral column as the chute has a twisted or spiral design. The upper portion of the chute can be curved either by the Corinthian patter or the Doric pattern.

Designing a home is every other individuals dream and getting appreciation for the same is an achievement. The number of houses around which looks more like a mansion makes you think how to get that historical look in your home too. There are various companies who provide this service. Just log on to the company’s website and get your desired traditional or customized columns. It’s a very easy and best way to remodel your houses.


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