Some cool fireplace mantel tips to employ


A fire mantle is usually considered the focal point of most houses. They are one of the most striking elements of any house interior decoration. But some people in order to make it look amazing overdo the decorations. They add to many elements which kills the real beauty of the spot. So in our article we will try and help those people to make their fire spot look marvelous. Read the paragraphs which descend.

General overview:

An important thing to remember here is that fireplace mantle is not a brain surgery where so much of thinking needs to be done. One can decorate with things which they love. A well placed as well as decorated fire mantle can balance the overall setting provided they are over-crowded.

17Here are some important tips of how to go about such decorations;

Use candles to give out that traditional look:

Candles are an essential characteristic which assists in giving fireplace mantle a traditional appearance. Put two candles (try and use silver or crystalline candle sticks) on opposite sides of the mantle and place a large picture between them. One can even place two or three various sized candles on one of its sides and then put a tall painting or picture leaning against the wall. They are simple yet beautiful.

Use of fresh flowers:

Adding fresh flowers on a tall vase on end of the mantel balanced out by candles and some other elements like a mantel clock on the other end can also make the spot look beautiful. For the mantel wall décor one can again use to some painting or pictures to add that visual effect.

26Modern fire mantel decors:

The thing which works best for such modern fire mantel spots are minimum displays. One can simply place a sculpture in the center of the spot or a single large art work equal in size to make a window pane appearance right over the mantel! This will give out a modern mantel lookout. One can even employ whimsical ideas like a small box shaped hemming or fishing bin, tubular ampoules such as cookie jar or pewter decanter to give out that country casual appearance. Though they may not be categorized as a modern décor mode, but there are several people who actually do this. So again a good option to cater to!

One can even try potted plants and herbs such as ivy, a fish or a star on a stick, or even a flat rectangular piece like the picture of a lake or for that matter an embroidered framed up piece to lean against the fire mantel wall. So if these above mentioned ideas doesn’t suffice then simple log in and try out the architecturalstoneelements fireplace mantle décor options now!

Another cool option to try:

These are some of the conventional ideas which the readers can follow to decorate their fire mantel spot. Apart from that they can also refer to the cyber world for assistances as there are several online portals which provide several tips and ideas about such types of decorations. One such portal which comes into the mind instantly is the They have tons of options for fire mantel decorations for their customers to try out.


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