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At Architectural Stone Elements, we quarry materials in Cantera stone, Limestone, Travertine and Marble and hand-carve these materials into fireplaces, fountains, columns, entryways, balustrades, barbeques, coping, tile and more.



There are several things that should be taken into consideration when it comes to renovating a home. You can add extra charm to your residence by installing a few structures such as a garden fountain and fireplace. Installing stone fireplaces inside your home can give additional attraction and functionality to it. If you want to give a rustic look to your home, you must get a fireplace installed.

Which Is the Best Fireplace?

There are literally plenty of choices available to consider when it comes to installing a fireplace whether indoor or outdoor, but you need to choose a right one. Now, you may ask how to recognize about a right choice? The best way to choose a right option to choose an exclusive option that can fit into your budget and cater your needs. Hence, installing limestone fireplace from Architectural stone element is the best option to go with. Fireplaces made of limestone are considered as the most attractive, stylish and fashionable option to go with. Since limestone is a soft natural stone, it needs special maintenance. Therefore, before choosing this option, you must check out every aspect associated with the installation procedure.


Enjoy a Majestic Identity

Installing this type of fireplace at one of the rooms in home means you can be able to give a distinct touch to your residence. You can be able to make it more attractive, elegant and comfortable than ever before. There is no doubt that your home simply resembles your overall personality. Thus, if you want to enjoy a majestic identity, you need to get a fireplace installed inside your home.

What Should You Know While Installing a Fireplace?

Have you decided to get a fireplace made of limestone installed at your home? If yes, then you first need to know the actual process of installation. If you have decided to do it yourself, you first need to do a bit research. You need to learn the art of installing this exclusive system at your residence. For this, you could go through the manual instructions available on instructions booklet, do online research and even consult with someone who did it successfully.


If you find it difficult to perform this task on your own, you need to seek help from a professional. Since there are endless professionals available to determine, you may be confused on determining a right option. In this situation, you need to take a few things into consideration. You first need to check out experience and expertise of an installer. In case of hiring an installer with no adequate experience and expertise, you may have to repent on your decision.

Who Can Help You?

Do you want to get a fireplace installed at your home? If yes, then you must first find out who can help you. Therefore, you are highly advised that you must visit at Architectural Stone Elements to choose limestone fireplace of your choice. This leading stones/tiles supplier in USA is known for providing exclusive offers and massive discounts on every purchase.


ARCHITECTURAL COLUMNS: Let’s explore some of Alexander’s patterns


Ancient Greek buildings or architectural structures are still considered as the best specimen of human craftsmanship. This is the main reason why most of the architectures or building designers prefer using the same style as people in Greek would use.  These structures are known for their exclusive design and architecture. One of the key designing features of these ancient structures is the architectural patterns and columns.


Why Alexander’s Patterns Are So Popular?

It is observed that some of the Alexander’s patterns are still highly popular and in demand. Even most of the prominent building designers use them to give a mesmerizing look a structure. They use these architectural columns to highlight the exclusive features of a building from Architectural stone element. This is surely the most basic reason behind the ever-ending popularity and demand of ancient columns and patterns. Now, come to the main topic i.e. why people love these patterns so much? There could be many reasons such as –

  • Using these patterns means achieving desired type of look.
  • They are scientifically designed so that a building structure could be more appealing than ever before.
  • These patterns and columns can still be used in contemporary building structures such shopping malls, office and even small homes.
  • They are best system of using creativity in terms of home construction and architecture.

How to Use?

Having gone through aforesaid points, now you must want to learn how to use them. You want to create exclusive patterns and columns to make a building a stunning structure. If this is the case, you first need to know how to use these exclusive columns and patterns using different types of stone or tiles. If you find it difficult to do it yourself, you need to seek professional help. An expert can guide and help you making a right decision when it comes to home renovation or designing. Here one point should be noted that you must be creative enough if you want to give a distinct appearance to your home. Therefore, you are highly suggested that before making a finalized decision, you first need to do your own research. Without any doubt, internet can be the best option to go with when it comes to grabbing information about something.


How to Change My Ideas into a Reality?

It is usually noticed that most of the homeowners have exclusive ideas on how to make a beautiful home but they don’t know how to turn their ideas into a reality. If you are also among one of them, you need to look at professional help. Always remember, since a professional has many years of experience installing tiles/stones in architectural patterns or columns, he can be able to transform your imaginative ideas into a reality.

What Is the Best Online Option?

Now, come to the concluding point. You must want to know about the best online options to explore some of Alexander’s patterns. If this is the case, you need to go with a reputed stone supplier online. Architectural Stone Elements is the best place to find out architectural columns. So, don’t waste your precious time, and make a right decision now.

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LIMESTONE TILES: Offering more choices to define the nature


Nature has always been a great source of inspiration whether it is about writing poetry or drawing a sketch. Nature has everything that can help a creative mind designing something stunning. The same source can also be used when it comes to making a new beautiful home or renovating an existing old home. If you want to give natural touch to your residence or building, you need to use materials that have natural properties. Titles/stones, without any doubt, are the best choice to go with. There are several options available to determine in the name of stones and tiles, but you need to go with limestone.

Why Should I Choose Limestone?

You need to choose this option if you want to give a natural appearance to your home or if you want to enjoy natural properties of this material. This material is the best choice to define the beauty of nature. This surely the key reasons behind the growing popularity and demand of limestone tiles throughout the world. These tiles are highly used in different types of architectural structures, including homes, shopping malls, commercial buildings, offices and even outdoor structures. They are soft, glossy and very elegant to use. Installing these types of tiles at your living place means you can be able to create beauty around you. Now, you may ask apart from beauty what else can be grabbed by installing these tiles. So, keep reading it.


Styles, Designs and Colors:

When it comes to remodeling a home, you aren’t supposed to ignore three essential things i.e. style, design and color. Leaving any one of these aspects means making your home less attractive. Obviously, you will never like to make your home an unattractive structure to live in. You always want to make it as impressive and eye-catching as possible. These tiles come in different colors, designs and styles to satisfy your creativity. Yes, if you are creative enough, you can use these natural materials to renovate your home in a distinct but appealing manner.

In case of finding it difficult to install these tiles yourself, you need to take help from a professional installer. An experienced, trained and skilled tiles installer knows how to create mesmerizing designs installing different sizes of tiles. Furthermore, a reputed professional could also be able to turn your vague ideas into a mesmerizing reality. Therefore, if you want to make your home a stunning place to live in, you need to get these natural tiles installed on various areas of your home.


Where Can I Use Them?

Basically, these types of tiles are used to cover floor and wall, but you can use them for outdoor renovation as well. This natural material can be used anywhere for any purpose whether indoor or outdoor. But since these tiles are naturally soft material thus they need adequate maintenance. With proper maintenance and cleaning services, you can make them shining for many years to come.

Do you want to buy them? If yes, then you need to buy limestone tiles from Architectural Stone Elements, a leading stone/tiles supplier online.



A fountain is a unique piece of architecture which pours water into jets or a basin into the air for the supply of drinking water or for a dramatic or decorative effect. In the first,fountains were originally purely functional, which are connected to aqueducts or springs and this was being used to provide water for drinking and other sanitary purposes.

Stone fountains carry a separate elegance which gives a superb and rich look. In addition to providing drinking water, these stone fountains are also used for decoration which in turn celebrates their builders. Roman fountains are usually decorated with stone masks of heroes or animals and bronze. Fountains which are constructed these days are used to decorate city squares and parks, for entertainment and for recreation, to honor events or individuals; A Spray pad or splash pool allows residents of the city to enter, to refresh themselves, get wet and cool off in summer.


The musical fountain combines color lights and recorded music with moving jets of water which is controlled by a system for creating different dramatic effects.Stone fountains are beautifully carved fountains which contains stones as a base. These stones are of different types like marble, granite, limestone etc. Stone Fountain is hand crafted from stone concrete and high quality craftsmanship. The sound which is created by stone fountains differs from the normal ones. The water when splashed on the stones creates a pleasant sound and it gives a sweet smell. Cantera stone fountains Arizona is very famous for stone fountains.


They create a magic in your garden. They are affordable for middle class people also and the motor involves lesser usage of current. They act as a resting space for birds. Birds which are thirsty find these stone fountains and quench their thirst. Cantera stone fountains are very artistic and people whose the water flow become stress free. The stone is carved with different art works and the cost of stone fountains depends upon the carvings on the stone.

These fountains help in the irrigation for the plants in the garden. This creates a magic in your garden. It gives a pure relaxation to your mind which can also improve your mental stability. Cantera stone fountains Arizona is famous worldwide because of the quality of the stone used. Cantera stones are special varieties of stones which can give the fountain look magical.

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In the present days, people use stone columns, flooring, stone fireplaces, stone buildings etc. Stone columns are one special kind of masonry construction that is being used for about hundreds of years. Stone columns are always preferred for their rich and porch look. Columns are a form of Greece architecture. People in Greece compulsorily have these columns in their homes.

They create a very good ambience in the home. The historical look given by these columns are really special in every home which is being constructed with these columns. The name Cantera is derived from the Spanish word for quarry. The properties of these stones are unique. These properties give unique texture, color, softness and durability that allows for a detailed cutting and carving.

These stones are mostly used in shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, and customized homes. Cantera comes in a mixture of natural tones and colors, and its texture is really beautiful. It gives unique color flecks and texture inclusions which give an eternal and natural feel. Cantera stone tiles are unique and are very much artistic in nature. The cantera rock is made up of volcanic dust and ash. Thus the luster is determined by the composition of these elements.

Columns, which form a great way to add an architectural detail which can create a classic design in a living space. There are many column designs available in the market: These Cantera columns by Architectural Stone Elements have smooth sides and a fluted, rounded or hemispherical top and they doesn’t have a separate base. They have a highly decorative top, which features laurel leaf or olive leaves. The base must be very strong for installing Cantera columns. When a house is installed with Cantera columns they get a unique rich look. The porch look is created in the house. The top part of the Cantera columns is called capital. The capital is decorated in Greece style. When choosing column designs for having them installed in your home, it is important that we must be aware of what we require. This is because various colors are available in column designs. The best color is the one which matches or the one that complements the color of the walls. Therefore, we must have a proper idea before choosing columns.

Very few people who have a very good artistic sense install these columns in their homes. If we install such good columns it is considered to be lucky too. Install them in your homes and get appreciation from everybody.

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Stone tiles are one kind of masonry construction that is being used for about hundreds of years. Stone tiles are always preferred for their rich and porch look. They give the home an elegant look enhancing the beauty of the place. Stone tiles also maintain a good temperature inside the home. Marble Tile is a very fashionable and it is totally stylish in nature.

They give a very good look and make your home look stylish. Cantera Stone is one of the uniquely quarried, volcanic rocks which are mined in many parts of the world. The name Cantera is derived from the Spanis hword for quarry. Cantera Tiles by Architectural Stone Elements are known for their unique variety and rich look.

The customer satisfaction is very high in this store. They provide a very high quality cantera stones which can give a very rich look. These tiles are typically used by many architects and people who want their place to look impressive. Generally in bigger corporate concerns and hotels they prefer such tiles. Cantera stone tiles are unique and are very much artistic in nature. The cantera rock is made up of volcanic dust and ash. Thus the luster and texture of the stone depends upon the composition of the rock. Very glossy finish tiles are high priced in the market. Some tiles which carry a rustic look are low priced though. The architectural stone elements provide good quality stones and the stores have a worldwide reputation. The Architectural stone elements provide high quality and also a good prehistoric look. Nowadays people often use stone tiles, flooring, stone fireplaces, stone buildings etc.

Stone architecture involves a lot of artistic sense and they are capable of creating a natural finish to your place. Stone tiles are one kind of masonry construction that is being used for about hundreds of years. Stone tiles are always preferred for their rich and porch look. They give the home an elegant look enhancing the beauty of the place. Stone tiles also maintain a good temperature inside the home. Marble Tile is a very fashionable and it is totally stylish in nature. These tiles are purchased throughout the world. This kind of customer satisfaction is attained because of the quality of the tiles. Whenever you are planning to get cantera stone tiles, go for the architectural stone elements who provide world class quality.

Stone fireplace az.- the best place for stone fire place designs:


A fireplace can add give that oomph factor to the entire house-hold decoration. We all know for a fact that a fireplace is considered as the focal point of every house hold interior. It makes the room even more beautiful. Though the present day components which are used for the making of fire places are wonderful and all, fireplace look best if they are made or installed using natural decorative stones. Many may ask why? Well the reason being that these stones are naturally beautiful and can transcend the look and ambience by several notches. These stones come in beautiful textures and if used can enthral one and all.

In this segment we are going to discuss some more facts about this particular topic and also in the process, let our readers know about a place where they can get amazing designs for their fireplace mantles. So, those who are planning to install a fire place mantle soon, it is a must that they go through this article carefully!

Some of the popular options which one can use for fireplace mantles:

There are several natural stones which one can choose for their fire place mantle decoration. These stones have superb gradients and textures and most of that is mainly due to its formations and conditions which they have underwent. These natural stones have been formed millions of years ago and have undergone all sorts of chemical, biological and physical environments. As a result of that they comprise of several components inside them. These components accounts for the different textures and colour combinations which we find in these natural stones. Hence that is what we mean when we said above that these stones are naturally beautiful. These stones would definitely prove to be the perfect option for making mesmerising fireplace mantles. Some of the popular stones which one can consider looking into are limestone, marbles, cantera, travertine, granite etc.

The websites to look into:

There are numerous companies who are involved in the trade of these natural stones for fireplace place mantles. One such name which instantly come to mind is the stone fireplace az. These people have a reputation of being one of the best service providers in the market. They even have their own personalized functioning website where their customers can log in whenever they feel like and browse through their favourite designs.

Whatever be the fire place requirement, the stone fireplace az. web portal will have it in their stock. Logging into websites will ensure that one is never far from a solution. They will provide their customers designs which are mesmerising and classy and also which would last for a fair amount of time. They believe in providing quality services and take immense pride in that. They in order to increase their customers have linked up with several other companies. One such is the In the same field this website itself is a popular trading forum and is also quite renowned in the market in terms of their designs as well as their services.

Logging into them customers can check out some of the best architecturalstoneelements stone fireplace az. designs without having to move anywhere. They would also be the beneficiary in terms of the price as well.


So all those who want top stone fireplace designs, simply tend to the above mentioned website now!