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Stone tiles are one kind of masonry construction that is being used for about hundreds of years. Stone tiles are always preferred for their rich and porch look. They give the home an elegant look enhancing the beauty of the place. Stone tiles also maintain a good temperature inside the home. Marble Tile is a very fashionable and it is totally stylish in nature.

They give a very good look and make your home look stylish. Cantera Stone is one of the uniquely quarried, volcanic rocks which are mined in many parts of the world. The name Cantera is derived from the Spanis hword for quarry. Cantera Tiles by Architectural Stone Elements are known for their unique variety and rich look.

The customer satisfaction is very high in this store. They provide a very high quality cantera stones which can give a very rich look. These tiles are typically used by many architects and people who want their place to look impressive. Generally in bigger corporate concerns and hotels they prefer such tiles. Cantera stone tiles are unique and are very much artistic in nature. The cantera rock is made up of volcanic dust and ash. Thus the luster and texture of the stone depends upon the composition of the rock. Very glossy finish tiles are high priced in the market. Some tiles which carry a rustic look are low priced though. The architectural stone elements provide good quality stones and the stores have a worldwide reputation. The Architectural stone elements provide high quality and also a good prehistoric look. Nowadays people often use stone tiles, flooring, stone fireplaces, stone buildings etc.

Stone architecture involves a lot of artistic sense and they are capable of creating a natural finish to your place. Stone tiles are one kind of masonry construction that is being used for about hundreds of years. Stone tiles are always preferred for their rich and porch look. They give the home an elegant look enhancing the beauty of the place. Stone tiles also maintain a good temperature inside the home. Marble Tile is a very fashionable and it is totally stylish in nature. These tiles are purchased throughout the world. This kind of customer satisfaction is attained because of the quality of the tiles. Whenever you are planning to get cantera stone tiles, go for the architectural stone elements who provide world class quality.


Tips to avoid staining your Cantera floors


Cantera floors are very beautiful to look at and they are a perfect choice for places like gardens, balconies, patios and even your bathrooms. Cantera- Cantera hand carved stone structures are extensively used to decorate landscapes and halls at hotels, mansions and bungalows. Although Cantera is a beautiful natural stone it is porous and soft and this increases the risk of staining. Mentioned below are some of the tips to avoid staining your Cantera- Cantera hand carved stone floors and other structures.

Cantera- Cantera hand carved stone fountains are quite beautiful and they are getting more common at places like private landscapes, luxury gardens, resorts and large hotels. The only downside is that they can get stained if they are not cleaned once in a while. You can keep the stains away if you clean your fountain once in a month using a mild detergent mixed with warm water. Make use of a small tooth brush to scrub off surfaces that are at a risk of getting stained.

Cantera stone art hand carved statues also require some regular maintenance work in order to keep them away from stains. You can clean your statues using white vinegar that has been well distilled. Dilute the vinegar before applying it on your expensive statues. Scrub using a sponge until you are satisfied. This will improve the colour of your statues and also remove stains, if any.

Cantera – Cantera hand carved stone tiles tend to get stained quite often. So, it would be wise to avoid spilling liquids or beverages (that tend to leave a stain behind) on your Cantera tiles.

Decorate your place with Cantera stone sculptures


If you own a house then you must try to give it a beautiful look and in these days there are lots of interior designs which you can try to make it. Among the other items, stones are regarded as the most common which are used by the house owner, builders, architects as well as all others as it acts as more effective on interiors. You might be heard about the cantera stones which are regarded as one of the finest stones available in earth; these are volcanic stones available only in few places in the world.

This stone is extracted from the mines and then processed further by a company namely “Architectural stone elements” which is renowned for these sorts of stones; not only these sorts of stones they use to offer limestones, marbles etc. They have the best architects and designers those who use to make these stones more glamorous, the main features of cantera stones are though it is a volcanic stone but is soft and durable and offers high texture.

If you are facing problem on selecting the stone for your place then the experts of this company can suggest you the best design which suits your place. Starting from stones to different sculptures like fountains, pillars, columns, fireplaces etc. all are available on their site. You can select your own item by searching through their website; cantera stone fireplace mantels are most famous item among the others. The price of these items are reasonable and if you place these items inside your room then no one can imagine that these are fire places as it looks some different attractive architectural design.

Decorate your place with some exceptional stones


Everything looks beautiful if it is decorated and that’s why people always use to decorate their selves as well as their places and their surroundings. In these days to decorate homes, people use to opt for interior decorators those use to give a beautiful and attractive look of the houses.  In architectural sector there is a company namely ”Architectural stone elements” which offers an online store of some exceptional stones  including cantera stones, Cantera Tuscan Column, limestones, travertine, and marble. They has a group of fine engineers, designers those who use to offer some attractive designs and the employees of this company use to hand curve the stones. Cantera stone is regarded as one of the best stones available in the world; basically it is a volcanic stone which is only available in some places in United States and Mexico.

This company use to extract the stones from the mines and then use to give then a perfect shape to stand up to the requirement of the customers. This company use to offer different sorts of sculptures like fountains, columns, fireplaces, fire pits, pottery, mouldings, corbels etc. which all are available within reasonable range. The columns can be placed on your lawn or inside your house if there is sufficient place exists for that. Also you can place the fountains in the garden; the fireplaces are made of Cantera stones and no one can guess these sculptures as fireplaces because these are so beautiful. So if you are hoping to make your place attractive with the elements offered by this company then you will surely get some great result, beyond of your expectation.

Why You Should Choose Cantera Stones Direct


We are dedicated to sustaining our position in the stone industry, and those efforts permeate all levels of our company-including that of customer service, artistic detail and expertise. In the world of Cantera Stones Direct, “satisfactory” is a foreign concept, as we have been ascribed the title of a world class business. Our efforts transcend mere home design. We turn dreams into reality.

We are heavily customer-centric, in the sense that your aspirations, visions and demands trump our personal agenda. We believe that it is critical to dazzle the eyes of onlookers, sway artistic perceptions to refined, home design and give everyone the opportunity to derive benefits from our services.

Our personal taste is highly sophisticated, as its influences date back to the ancient times. We are familiar with the fundamentals and intricacies of ancient architecture, and these fundamentals are uniquely interwoven into our modern approach to home design.

Many historically-minded customers have Grecian visions of towering columns, or even rustic, Colonial-inspired home fixtures, as well. Given our ability to adapt our artistic approach to your liking, you can adopt virtually any criteria, an anticipate favorable results.

Stone is a unique material that must be handled in a fashion that optimizes its carving potential. We understand the chemical, physical and structural makeup of Cantera stone, allowing use create mesmerizing designs that span beyond the average expectations.

With our services, history and modernism fuse together as one, in order to recreate the monumental architectural phenomena of the Ancient world, and to highlight the beauty of present day craftsmanship.

Cantera stone columns- install one in your living room today


Redecorating or remodeling your house can be a very exhilarating and freeing task. It is definitely stressful and panic-ridden at times, but the ultimate result of having a beautiful home is worth it. A really simple way of redecorating is to only add new elements to your existing home. Add a few interesting details, and see how your house starts looking brand new.

It can get boring to live in the same house for years on end, which is why it is important to freshen things up every once in a while so you feel good about yourself and your home. You do not even need to attack every room in your house; simply changing up the living room or the dining area will make a huge difference. One easy way of livening up the space is by installing a cantera stone column. Cantera stone is very versatile and looks best in its natural state. The look that you get from this stone is very rugged and earthy which is why it serves as a great contrast in otherwise luxuriously done up rooms.

Adding two rustic cantera stone columns on either side of the fireplace in your living room adds just the right touch of casual ruggedness without making it seem too casual. The focus is on the raw beauty of the stone and the simplicity with which it is carved. If you have a modern fireplace with reflecting stone, these stone columns will be a great touch. It looks elegant and adds a modern, yet classic look to the room. You can also install a stone column even if you do not have a fireplace. Use the column to attach bookshelves and draw attention to a corner of the room. They act as great conversation starters.

Cantera stone the best architectures


Most of the people like to show about their architectural taste and for that they use to hire the interior decorators if they are unable to design their house. Most common item that has been used is to decorate your place by some fountains at garden, fireplaces inside your room, as well as columns and lots more. In that era of architectures stone designs re popular in all countries in the world. Among the stones Cantera stones have a high demand in the United States and the rest of the world. “Cantera stone direct” is one of the best manufacturers of these cantera stones and they use to transport their items over the other countries too. They use to offer précised stones and of unique designed which all is hand carved, and designed uniquely by engineers.  All these cantera stones have some top class physical properties like durability, softness, and texture.

All these stones are available on their site where you will find not only the cantera stones; also limestone products are available there. All these stones are exclusively designed some followed by the contemporary designs as well as some are of modern design or a mixture of both. On that site you will find the items like fountain, columns, fireplace etc. all made of cantera or lime stones which all are available in affordable range. This company has already secured a top place in the area of stone architecture and you will become speechless as soon you visit their site. All the items are attractive and gorgeous.