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In the present days, people use stone columns, flooring, stone fireplaces, stone buildings etc. Stone columns are one special kind of masonry construction that is being used for about hundreds of years. Stone columns are always preferred for their rich and porch look. Columns are a form of Greece architecture. People in Greece compulsorily have these columns in their homes.

They create a very good ambience in the home. The historical look given by these columns are really special in every home which is being constructed with these columns. The name Cantera is derived from the Spanish word for quarry. The properties of these stones are unique. These properties give unique texture, color, softness and durability that allows for a detailed cutting and carving.

These stones are mostly used in shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, and customized homes. Cantera comes in a mixture of natural tones and colors, and its texture is really beautiful. It gives unique color flecks and texture inclusions which give an eternal and natural feel. Cantera stone tiles are unique and are very much artistic in nature. The cantera rock is made up of volcanic dust and ash. Thus the luster is determined by the composition of these elements.

Columns, which form a great way to add an architectural detail which can create a classic design in a living space. There are many column designs available in the market: These Cantera columns by Architectural Stone Elements have smooth sides and a fluted, rounded or hemispherical top and they doesn’t have a separate base. They have a highly decorative top, which features laurel leaf or olive leaves. The base must be very strong for installing Cantera columns. When a house is installed with Cantera columns they get a unique rich look. The porch look is created in the house. The top part of the Cantera columns is called capital. The capital is decorated in Greece style. When choosing column designs for having them installed in your home, it is important that we must be aware of what we require. This is because various colors are available in column designs. The best color is the one which matches or the one that complements the color of the walls. Therefore, we must have a proper idea before choosing columns.


Very few people who have a very good artistic sense install these columns in their homes. If we install such good columns it is considered to be lucky too. Install them in your homes and get appreciation from everybody.

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Tips to avoid staining your Cantera floors


Cantera floors are very beautiful to look at and they are a perfect choice for places like gardens, balconies, patios and even your bathrooms. Cantera- Cantera hand carved stone structures are extensively used to decorate landscapes and halls at hotels, mansions and bungalows. Although Cantera is a beautiful natural stone it is porous and soft and this increases the risk of staining. Mentioned below are some of the tips to avoid staining your Cantera- Cantera hand carved stone floors and other structures.

Cantera- Cantera hand carved stone fountains are quite beautiful and they are getting more common at places like private landscapes, luxury gardens, resorts and large hotels. The only downside is that they can get stained if they are not cleaned once in a while. You can keep the stains away if you clean your fountain once in a month using a mild detergent mixed with warm water. Make use of a small tooth brush to scrub off surfaces that are at a risk of getting stained.

Cantera stone art hand carved statues also require some regular maintenance work in order to keep them away from stains. You can clean your statues using white vinegar that has been well distilled. Dilute the vinegar before applying it on your expensive statues. Scrub using a sponge until you are satisfied. This will improve the colour of your statues and also remove stains, if any.

Cantera – Cantera hand carved stone tiles tend to get stained quite often. So, it would be wise to avoid spilling liquids or beverages (that tend to leave a stain behind) on your Cantera tiles.